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Princess Luna 💖


    Princess Luna 💖

  2. Hide: What’d you say, colony trash? You’re gonna show her something?

    Aang: Just some dance movements.

    Hide: Nobody shows my On Ji anything, especially movements!

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Elizabeth X, drawn in PS.


    Elizabeth X, drawn in PS.

  4. Costa Rica- September 15

    El Salvador- September 15

    Guatemala- September 15

    Honduras- September 15

    Nicaragua- September 15

    Belize- September 21

    Panama- November 3

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  5. He liked it best when he was with Ron and Hermione and they were talking about other things, or else letting him sit in silence while they played chess. He felt as though all three of them had reached an understanding they didn’t need to put into words.

    — Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

  6. scottfoss:

    I asked my roommate what she would wish for if she were a magical girl in Madoka, and then this wonderful mess poured out of her mouth.

  7. ladydarthcaedus:


    why does no one ever talk about luke skywalker’s character growth from a new hope to return of the jedi because dang


    so like the hero’s journey combined with a coming-of-age story.

    I wrote something on coming of age stories today and apparently like it made sense and stuff even though 98% of it was written at like midnight or later over a glass of rum

    but that’s beside the point.

    Luke at eighteen is a very young eighteen. he’s never been off Tatooine, never seen much other than the moisture farm and maybe going into town a bit. he’s got friends with big dreams and plans, just like every other eighteen-year-old. he wants to go to the academy and join the Empire because that’s how you get off of Tatooine. Yeah, the Empire aren’t the greatest guys out there (and yeah, Luke knows this) but how the hell else do you get off of Tatooine?

    say, your long-lost twin sister’s droids end up at your farm because your uncle bought them from traveling jawas.

    Luke suddenly finds adventure. He has no fucking clue what he’s doing. He’s along for the ride and that’s like it. Oh hey, this Jedi Knight thing sounds cool. This lightsaber is shiny. Did you say getting away from Tatooine? Um, this is home… oh wait, my family have just been turned into charcoal briquettes. Looks like I’m leaving home.

    Getting thrown into a galactic civil war- a war that Luke was only vaguely aware of- necessitates a lot of growing up really fast. Yeah, he’s a nice kid who wants to do the right thing, and suddenly he’s saving a real live princess. And he sees Ben die- really sees death for the second time in like what, two days? It’s kind of a shock. Almost runs into one of the top guys in the Empire. Meets a smuggler and his sidekick who are too cool for school and worldly and know how things go. Luke sees all the things he could do with his life and has no fucking clue how to deal other than get in that X-wing since he knows he can shoot small things from a distance, and go fly up there and destroy that Death Star.

    Fast forward. Luke’s now a Jedi Knight (or calling himself one) and he’s going to face his father.

    He’s seen even more death, lost even more people he cares about, and learned that the galaxy isn’t all grand adventures and good stories. It’s got such a dark side, and the dark side hurts. Not the Force dark side (yeah, that does damage, but that’s another problem) but the not-nice parts of the galaxy. The pain of war, the collateral damage, all the innocent people who die, all the fear and uncertainty that comes with not knowing if you or the people around you will be home for dinner or ever again. It forces Luke to grow up and deal with things, but the most stunning thing: he doesn’t lose his desire to do what’s right. He so easily could have become cold, cynical, detached- could even have given up and walked away.

    He didn’t. That alone says just how strong Luke is and how he wants to do what’s right. His own idealism and sense of right and wrong keep him afloat during truly horrible circumstances. 

    Shouldering massive responsibility while not losing such optimism is an amazing growing-up tale. It makes Luke well able to handle his next challenge: rebuilding the Jedi.

    Remember that Luke’s only been in the middle of this war for what, four years? That’s a rough four years. Luke really grew up a lot, and that’s why we love him.

  8. Mindy Kaling on Howard Stern, 9.15.14
    (58:50, 1:04:58)

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