1. do it! do it! just kill me know and get it over with because there’s no way i’m doing one more cook for you pyscho fucks!

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“Depart pour le Sabbat” by Albert-Joseph Pénot, 1910 (via)


    “Depart pour le Sabbat” by Albert-Joseph Pénot, 1910 (via)

  3. Anonymous said: who's eyes are bigger.. Chicharito's or Ozil's?


    Well Ozils eyes have been wide open trying to find new girls to fuck lately

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Cangaceiro Corisco.


    Cangaceiro Corisco.

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  7. white european tumblr bitches: the US is trash and is FULL of racism good thing we have none of that here :)
    poc europeans: ............girl...

  8. Tyler Posey attends FOX’s 2014 Teen Choice Awards .

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  10. British Blogger: Ok now listen here you dumb fockin Americans know what this is? *shows pic of bubblegum* We call this a Sniksmacksnibblebob which you uncultured fockin twats would know nothing about.
    Me: Chill